Term and Condition

I. Agreement to Terms

As a potential client, who is registering for our services, you should understand that you are agreeing to accept all of the below stated terms and conditions in our policies once you register. We would suggest that all the potential clients go through these terms and conditions very carefully and thoroughly and fully understand these conditions and procedures before registering on our website.

Once you fully understand these terms and conditions and you decide you want to avail our services, then click on the button “I Accept”.

II. User Status 

  1. If you register for our services, you will have to provide proof that your age is at least 18 years and that you can enter binding contracts legally.

  2. We will ask you to create a username and a password when you register with us. With the intention of fraud prevention, we ask you to keep this username and password confidential. If you have forgotten or you think someone else has stolen your password, inform us without any delay.

  3. We shall never ask you for your password or any personal bank account information so please make sure you do not give away any personal information that is confidential to any customer representative, if you do so the company will not be responsible.

III. Payment policies

All fees are payable in advance, non-refundable and, unless otherwise stated, in US dollars. All fees and taxes and other charges will be billed to the client, either to the client’s credit card or, where applicable for a business, the company or organization’s address.

Depending upon the payment plan that you select, the payment may be billed in advance on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis.

For any upgrade or change in plan level, your credit card will be charged or, if not paying by credit card, you will be billed at the new rate immediately upon making the change. There will be no refunds or credits for partial months of service, upgrades, or unused months. You cannot downgrade from a plan level while the then-current term or a project is in effect.

If you fail to timely pay the applicable fees, we may terminate your project.

You must agree to promptly pay the mentioned prices, to pay all costs of collection on any outstanding balance.

IV. Right to alter stated terms and conditions 

  1. The company holds the right to alter or modify the stated terms and conditions at any point in time it deems right. We can make alterations in our payment methods, in technology used, changes in our system’s capabilities because of transformations in the market conditions that affect our business directly.

  2. All clients will be subject to the rules in place at the time that you enter a contract, except for the situations we update or change them due to some regulatory change or a change in the general business environment. Whatever the case may be, we shall fully disclose the alterations on our website and notify the clients via email too.

V. Contact Us

In order to resolve a complaint regarding the site or to receive further information regarding use of the site, please contact us at : 

CyberShellz Technologies

A227 2nd Floor Sector 122

Gautam Buddha Nagar (Noida), UP 201301

(Phone) : +91-8860486240

(Email) : cybershellzservices@gmail.com