CyberShellz is an independent supplier of IT counseling and oversaw administrations. We are a differing pool of phenomenal ability conveying unrivaled esteems. We don't have any association with any of the outsider organizations unless such relationship is authoritatively characterized. With an attention on esteem and focused on development we take into account cloud computing, onsite administrations, web and application development and part more.

We design, make methodologies and execute them the correct route at the ideal time to settle your inquiry in the blink of an eye. Content accessed, downloaded or generally got through the webpage ought to be utilized at your discretion. We should not be in charge of any misfortune/harm to your PC framework or any loss of information which comes about because of the download and utilization of content.


Terms of Services

Welcome to CyberShellz, an IT Counseling and IT Service providing organization. We give answers for each IT related issue to our clients in homes and little medium business around the world. It would be ideal if you read the accompanying proclamations previously utilizing any of our administrations.


These Terms of Service for CyberShellz (this "Assention") is a legitimate understanding between you (either an individual or an element that you are speaking to, hereinafter "you") and CyberShellz and its providers and licensors (all in all "CyberShellz") for the CyberShellz ("Services"). Your utilization of the Services constitutes your consent to the terms of this Agreement and you recognize that CyberShellz would not consent to give the Services without that assent. The Services incorporate new products, item changes, overhauls, bolster and different administrations. You may just get the Services in the event that you are a Service endorser on favorable terms with a substantial, account with CyberShellz. You comprehend that you should acquire your own particular Internet association keeping in mind the end goal to utilize the Services. We don't control your Internet access or the nature of your Internet association.


CyberShellz gives remote help to particular PCs, peripherals, programming, and some other PC related. CyberShellz charges clients on each issue settle or repeating month to month expense which is payable month to month or every year, at the client's attentiveness. CyberShellz clients acquire specialized help from CyberShellz Technical Support Engineers (TSEs) by reaching them through email, chat, or by means of the telephone. CyberShellz just offers remote specialized help. On location benefit is excluded in the CyberShellz advertising. CyberShellz offers its clients the alternative of Remote Computer Control, where a TSE can, with the client's consent, assume control over the client's PC from the TSE's remote area. By accepting these Terms and Conditions of Usage, client recognizes that they know that they will, now and again, be offered the Remote Computer Control alternative. CyberShellz TSEs are not permitted to utilize Remote Computer Control without the express assent of the client. CyberShellz will utilize sensible push to furnish the client with specialized help, for whatever length of time that the client's record is present and not financially past due. CyberShellz claims all authority to deny assistance to anybody.


Connections contained in CyberShellz site may make a client leave the CyberShellz site. Such connected sites are not under the control of CyberShellz and CyberShellz isn't in charge of the substance of any connected site or any connection contained in a connected site, or any progressions or updates to such sites. CyberShellz gives these connections from the CyberShellz site just as an accommodation, and the incorporation of any connection does not suggest any underwriting by CyberShellz of the site or any of its substance. All clients utilize materials and data in outsider sites at their own particular hazard.


Each CyberShellz participation will be consequently recharged for another yearly enrollment term on the commemoration of Members unique enlistment date (the "Commemoration"), at a similar yearly expense and plan compose, unless Member tells CyberShellz thirty (30) days preceding the Anniversary that Member chooses not to restore the enrollment. Members should contact CyberShellz Sales and Customer Service Center at (888) 414-5705 with a specific end goal to tell CyberShellz of the non-restoration, and must present the right participation, credit card, and enrollment data for check and approval to wipe out. Refunds or Discounts won't be given for drop/cancelled accounts.


CyberShellz memberships, and all privileges of Members to get Subscription Services, are non-transferable.


CyberShellz subscription services, The CyberShellz website (including all information and products that are referenced or linked to in the CyberShellz website), and all other information, documents, products, software, downloads, repair services, advice, and information provided by CyberShellz and any of its third-party product or service providers are provided and without warranty of any kind, either express, implied Or statutory, including but not limited to, implied warranties of merchantibility, fitness for a particular purpose, or non-infringement. CyberShellz assumes no responsibility for any errors, omissions or other inadequacies in the membership services. The CyberShellz website (including all information and products that are referenced or linked to in the CyberShellz website), or any other information, documents, products, software, downloads, repair services, advice, and information provided by CyberShellz or any of its third-party product or service providers.


  • Power Failure or Disruption

You acknowledge and understand that the does not function in the event of a power failure or disruption. Should there be an interruption in the power supply, the Service and will not function until power is restored.

  • Broadband Service / ISP Outage or Termination / Suspension or Termination by Live-TechSupport

You acknowledge and understand that service outages or suspension or termination of service by your broadband provider and/or ISP or by Live-TechSupport will prevent ALL Service.


Privacy Policy

Client security is basic to us, and we take it as a genuine issue to ensure the data that you give us in the conventional course of associating with our site. Consequently, we have built up the general protection arrangement underneath to empower you to see better what information we assemble and how we utilize it. 

Privacy Policy reveals the practices favored by CyberShellz by keeping up the customer's protection that is of much concern. Access to the site makes out of following terms and conditions and pertinent laws. In the event that you present your data on our site via chat, email or call session you ought to totally concur with the terms and states of CyberShellz. Data which we require from customers side to illuminate inquiries will be secret and will fall into the classification of individual data.

Personal Information

At the point when client login our site some individual data from client side will be required, for example, name, email id, and telephone number. We will utilize this data to answer your inquiries and will propose you great tips and answers to overcome the issues in future. We won't uncover anything identified with benefit charges or the individual data shared by you while tackling the question.


We make each conceivable move to ensure the protection of the client. When you share some individual and private data, it won't be imparted to anybody. When we request some information about client sensitive information on the registration form (like credit card number, bank details, etc.), the data is encrypted and is ensured by standard encryption programming.

Remote Control Session

In the event that there is an issue with your PC, our specialist will require control of your computer remotely to analyze the issue. This remote access will require network access so our experts can resolve your concern quickly without going to your place. Professionals are permitted to take remote access only with your concern and not otherwise. Our professionals will take mind not to reveal or hit any of your secret information. We follow our internal policy and will likewise ask for you to be before your PC while your computer is being analyzed.

Payment Procedure

On the off chance that you consented to the terms and states of CyberShellz and enrolled yourself to utilize our administrations, at that point your credit card information will be required to finish the payment procedure from your side. We may utilize third party service to verify credit card details for our sake and the confirmation will make out of cardholder name, credit card number, expiration date and the billing address with the card processing company. This data will be revealed just to the outsider to finish the installment procedure.

Call Monitoring

To enhance the nature of the administration our review group will listen to the call in which each word is being recorded between the customer and the professional. On the off chance that in the event that you don't need your call to be recorded then our review group will take some choice as needs be.

Cookies Access

We may naturally gather certain data using cookies. Cookies are little information documents that are put away on your hard drive by a Web webpage. In addition to other things, the utilization of cookies encourages us to enhance our Sites and your experience. We utilize cookies to see which territories and highlights are most well known, to tally the quantity of PCs getting to our Sites, to customize your experience, and to recall your inclinations. In the event that your browser is set not to acknowledge cookies or on the off chance that you dismiss a cookie, you will most likely be unable to get to specific highlights or administrations of our Sites.

Opt-Out Option

On the off chance that once the record has been made we furnish our clients with the quit chance of getting insignificant data from our side. In the event that any customer does not wish to get any messages or calls from us, they can answer with "Unsubscribe from Notifications," and the client will get no message or telephone going forward. 

Every now and then, we will refresh our Privacy Policy. So please continue going to this page. Additionally, you concur with us that you won't utilize any data from our site which violets law in a few or another way. We additionally ask for not to present the data which you feel is exceptionally private and will make issues in future. 


In the event that you have a few questions in regards to security strategy, you can mail us on - connect@cybershellz.com.


Refund Policy

CyberShellz uses most secured payments through Amex, Visa, MasterCard, PayPal, and direct PayPal transfers.

Refunds for Successful Resolution: Since CyberShellz provides online PC Support, that requires purchase of Plans before any solution is given to the customers; hence we do not refund money in any case. 

Applicable for all incident based plans / one time service -

  • There will be no refund after 7 days. This means – One Incident Support plan is valid for only 1 issue in only 1 computer and period of free support on that particular issue is 7 days. 

  • 70 percent of the price will be refunded, if the same issue re-occurs and we are unable to fix it, within the refund period of 7 days.

  • No refund on the 8th day of purchasing this plan. This means – if the issue re-occurs on the 8th day of purchase of this plan, then customer will have to buy the plan again to get it fixed by us. Payment made earlier to us, irrespective of the same issue will not be counted on the 8th day.


Applicable for Subscriptions -

  • If the customer have availed any Subscription Plan, then 60 percent of plan price will be refunded, if claimed within 30 calendar days of subscribing the plan.

  • If the customer have not availed any service then 100 percent of plan price will be refunded, if claimed within 15 calendar days of subscribing the plan.

  • No refund after 30 calendar days of subscribing the plan.


Refund Clauses

  • Refund policy does not apply for Free Trial Offer (if any).

  • Refund policy will be valid only if Live-TechSupport failed satisfactory solutions of issues mentioned in the scope of services.

  • Refund can only be claimed if customer’s issue is not resolved or customer did not get the support in time.

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