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Need support for ALL of your technology? We have you secured! 

CyberShellz is a 100% global supplier of remote technical support administrations. Our skilled, experienced and proficient professionals support both home users and small businesses too. 

With regards to remote technical support, we've built up a new mark for industry excellence.

Technical Support Services

Device Support



Windows Phone



CyberShellz is an autonomous organisation providing on-demand technical support via remote assistance . We don't have any privilege or claim or any affiliation, support or approval of or buy some other gathering trademark of any sort, until and unless the part or nearness of this kind of brand is purposefully shown.

Microsoft PRODUCTS


With agreement to the Microsoft mission which is to help individuals and associations internationally, we at CyberShellz plan to help Microsoft items. The monstrously prominent organization have a large number of clients all inclusive and they require expeditious and quick help if any issues manifests. Each innovation driven item can crash all of a sudden or signals, and by then we as a whole realize that the work grinds to a halt. The help is there for quick help and we know our activity well. Likewise, Microsoft items continue overhauling themselves continually and it turns into a problem to experience the redesign and establishment process.

We advance in for direction and support to the simplest establishment and design of Microsoft items. The prepared professionals are accessible 24x7 for you, all you require is to call them for help. They will react in the fastest conceivable time and will settle the issues by speaking with you. They are prepared and shrewd experts who know their activity well, so the prepared specialists know the essence of issue and will instruct you how to manage it.

Some known issues ::

  • Installing, updating and configuration fails or there is some difficulty in setting it up. 

  • Errors with a message code pops up and you do not understand it. 

  • Crashing of the office applications. 

  • Not able to login in OWA or Office365 applications.

  • Your password is not accepted. 

  • You are not able to recall your password or PIN. 

  • Data got deleted accidentally and you cannot recover it. 

  • You are informed of corruption on your office documents. 

  • The printer and scanner is not connecting to your office documents. 

  • Not able to download or the application of Microsoft office is not feasible.

Scope of support ::

Installation of Microsoft office is provided by us for your computers, be it the desktop or laptops and can extend the services to
even offices.

While installing the suite is put in with care so that the operating system accepts the suite without any compatibility issues.
The running is confirmed to be smooth by putting the best possible software with assurances of free from viruses.

Upgrades are also provided from time to time, as and when they are available. This keeps the Microsoft office suite in working
condition for long times to come. Even when the upgrades are not being installed, we provide remote or in-house support to the customers to take care of their needs.

In case of any issues related to the sudden stopping of the functions, or sudden hanging of the system, our technicians will deal
with it with expertise. There will not be any more issues with the non-responding of the programs, missing of .dll files, corrupt
files or incompatibility issues.

Recent updates with regards to the different software installed in the computers is possible by the Microsoft office suite
support, so that we can handle almost every kind of problem that you might face when it comes to the Microsoft office suite.

Speak with a Technical Solutions Expert for a Free Assessment

CyberShellz Scope -

o    Installation & repair of your Operating system.

o    Diagnostic and troubleshooting of your hardware issues.

o    PC optimization for best PC performance.

o    Protection against spyware, virus, adware, etc.

o    Software as well as peripheral troubleshooting.

o    Windows update and software updates.

o    Critical OS patches and driver installations.

o    The internet related issues and troubleshooting.


Excellent Technical Support for 24X7 365 days across the globe. You can speak to an  engineer in less than 45 seconds. CyberShellz certified engineer gives you the resolution with proper explanation of the cause and reason, so that it can be avoided in future. No need to wait on Phone to connect to a representative of CyberShellz which has 95% resolution rate in the industry.



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