PAY-PER-CLICK Adwords Service


Pay per Click (PPC) is an Internet advertising model used on search engines, advertising networks, and content website

- PPC are paid ads that search engines show. 

- PPC brings you paid traffic

- PPC gives immediate results

- PPC is temporary. If your PPC budget runs out, the results stop.

Our PPC SERVICES Include ::

PPC Audits

PPC Audits

Google Adwords

Google Adwords

Bing Advertising

Bing Advertising

Social Advertising

Social Advertising

Display Advertising

Display Advertising

Remarketing & Retargeting

Remarketing & Retargeting

PPC Management Process

Research Phase

  • Website research

  • Competitor research

  • Keywords and Negative keywords research

  • Target location research

  • Bid Research

Campaign Setup

  • Account Setup

  • Goal Setup

  • Keywords Grouping

  • Ad-Groups

  • Budget Division and Bid setup

  • Drafting Ad copy

  • Search engine optimize landing pages

Account & Web Page Optimization

  • Updating negative keyword list

  • Overview of search terms

  • Changes in Match type

  • Optimizing landing pages for conversion

Regular Review & Updates

  • Experimenting with new keywords

  • Removing overlapping keywords

  • Updating bids

  • A/B testing ads and landing pages

  • Calculating CPA and ROI

Initial Performance Review

  • Check impressions, click, bounce rate

  • Review quality score & conversion

  • Make changes in Ad copy

  • Optimize landing pages

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