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We’re a design-driven, award-winning animation production company which thrives on creating sophisticated animated content both for online & offline use. Our goal? To help brands achieve new heights thanks to compelling storytelling and distinct design.

We partner with the most prominent ad agencies, publishers, production houses and global brands.

High-end designs and successful visual storytelling are the propelling forces we use to create content that makes the change. But they also change us, make us better, keep us open, creative and thirsty for more.

Welcome to our world of design and animation.

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What our clients say about us

Catherine Hills

Executive Creative Director


“Working with CyberShellz is an extremely positive and productive experience. World class animated videos, this is what we always get from them. Great partner for long-term co-operation!”


Our Values


We’re not mind readers and neither are you. Let’s be real with each other.


We take credit for the good, the bad, and the ugly.


We prefer to steer the ship, not strut around the poop deck.


We pounce on new challenges like cats on lasers.


We can find a way to make it work by being flexible with how we work.


Creative with a purpose but knowing that may involve an animated porpoise.

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